Stroke (Age 47)

I suffered from stroke 4 months ago where my right side of the body became paralysed. I couldn’t raise my right hand to my mouth whilst eating, I had become dependant on my wife and other family members. Alhamdulillah after one session of Hijama I have noticed a massive difference! I am now able to raise my right hand to my mouth very easily and my body also feels extremely light. I am now here for my second session to work on the lower part of my body. I have full faith in Hijama as this worked as a miracle for me and I cant be grateful enough

Abdul Shakoor BRADFORD BD3

Headaches and Dark Circles (Age33)

I have been suffering from headaches past 3 years. I use to wake up every morning with sever headache and the pain use to last all day, I had to depend on around 8 painkillers a day and this continued for 3 years. After getting Hijama done I felt out of this world! I slept like a baby!! No pain, no discomfort and when I wake up in the mornings I am extremely cheerful and smiling as before I use to be very grumpy and moody. I really wished I knew about Hijama before. Most amazing thing about Hijama was that its also helped reduced the Dark Circles around my eyes which were because of lack of sleep due to headaches and now I don’t have them like before.

Haroon Hussain BRADFORD BD9

Lower Back pain (Age 21)

I was a 16 year old young man when I started to feel lower back pains at an early age. I’ve been told about the Hijamah procedure but under some circumstances couldn’t find the time or anyone in the local area that did it. Now I’m 21 and took the time out to have Hijamah done. The brother who was doing the Hijamah explained everything from the process to the benefits of the procedure, always engaging, lively person and kept the environment stable. I found the experience relaxing and pain free and Once the procedure was over, I started to feel more free and relaxed, no pain and I called brother Hijama Therapy after a couple of days to thank him as the back pains are no longer there, Alhamdulillah I am better now and can pick more physical activity than before. I would recommend Hijamah for anyone suffering from any pains or illnesses.

Adam Maqsood BRADFORD BD3

Leg Pain

I was suffering from leg pain for 6-7 months and in continues discomfort, couldn’t stand in salah (namaz) also after sitting for a while couldn’t straighten my leg! I was recommended Hijama Therapy by a friend and had hijama done on my leg, soon as the treatment ended my pain had reduced drastically and I was shocked. Now its been 2 weeks and my pain has reduced by approximately 90%.

Kifayat Ali BRADFORD BD15


I have suffered from Gout for 4 years and thought of trying Hijama out, Only one session of Hijama and I no longer have Gout at all what so ever and its been 4 weeks since I had the Hijama.


Shoulder & Neck Pain
I had problem with both shoulders and neck but after the cupping session most of the pain has gone! I am able to raise my arms again and I cant believe cupping has worked its a miracle as all doctors had given up on me, I’m so glad I came to Hijama Therapy and had this done as I was suffering for many years. I will definitely be back for more.

Muhammad Hussain NOTTINGHAM

Knee Pain

After suffering from knee problems for over 4 years I was recommended for Hijama. 3 Sessions of Hijama and my knees are all sorted now. Thanks to brother at Hijama Therapy highly recommended


Sciatica (Age 38)

I suffered lower back pain for 1 year and this pain was going down my leg which affected my ability to walk, I was also restricted from lifting as I was in discomfort all the time. My sleep was also affected till I was introduced to Hijama by a friend. I have had 2 sessions of Hijama, after the first session my pain had reduced immediately and after the second session my pain had totally disappeared now its been 3 months I don’t feel a thing!

Jhangir Ahmad KEIGHLEY

Headache/migraine (Age 46)

Since child hood iv suffered from severe headache including migraine, iv had Hijama done and surprisingly its improved massively! I couldn’t sleep at night and had to have a scarf tied tightly around my head to ease the pain almost every night, now I don’t do that at all as the head pain is now extremely mild.

Muhammad Nadeem BRADFORD BD8

General Detox

I had Hijama/Cupping done for the first time and after end of the treatment I felt magic! My whole body felt ever so light as if I’m floating and the most amazing thing was that I use to get out of breath within a few minutes of walking and this problem I had for the past 8 years and after only one treatment I feel like a different person, I can walk for hours with out struggling.

Muhammad Din BRADFORD BD3

Thyroid Gland (Age 34)

I was taking medication for Thyroid Gland I had for the best part of 5 months the dose was 75mg per day, I had hijama done in October and now its been 4 weeks and since then I have only taken the medication 4 times from one every day to 4 times in a month, I’m shocked how Hijama has made a huge difference.



I was on insulin for my diabetes for a month after getting Hijama done twice my diabetes has totally finished. I would certainly recommend Hijama to every body and would continue having Hijama done as a long term benefits.

Shohaib Akhtar CARVELEY

Lower Back Pain

This is my second time I have had Hijama done and iv been having lower back pains and neck pains brother Hijama Therapy with his skills has helped me my pains are now totally gone.

Shamraiz LEEDS

Eye condition (Age 35)

Two months before Hijama I started getting headaches and losing vision from my left eye so as you do I made an appointment with the opticians, the opticians did pressure/vision test etc..  after failing to diagnose the issue they then recommended I see my doctor and get referred to the specialist so I was referred successfully but amazingly the specialists also failed to diagnose my problem and this only got me extremely worried as I was losing my sight and this had really stressed me out. I was advised to get Hijama done so I carried this practise out and by Allah my vision came back! And now my vision is 100%

Muhammad Fiaz BRADFORD BD7


Alhamdulillah I had Hijama done for my migraine the brother did a very good job concentrating on my pressure points, I have not had a migraine since and its been 4 months Alhamdulillah as I use to have them frequently.

Hafizur Hussain BRADFORD

Eczema (Age 17) 

Suffered from severe eczema for the past 2 years tried every cream including tablets non seemed to work, this is my third session of Hijama and my eczema has gone from severe to mild.

Hanif Hussain BRADFORD bd8