What is Hijama/Cupping

Hijama is a very common non-conventional therapy that has been used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Hijama is the name in Arab traditional medicine for wet cupping.

It utilises the same principles of regular cupping therapy except it allows the release and removal of stagnant blood, toxins, inflammation and swellings through the application of small scratches or pin pricks over the areas where the suction is applied.

This combination of cupping therapy and controlled bloodletting has been utilised for over 3000 years and was a practice the the messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi wasallam) promoted and recommended as an inspiration from Allah. The practice of wet cupping was also an integral part of more recent medical practice as it developed in the Middle East and was used up until the 1800’s even here in the UK.

Cupping is also part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in some societies and cultures it is also known as bloodletting (however hijama differs from blood letting). Hijama is now widely used all over the world.

Hijama/Cupping preparation

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Hijama/Cupping Therapy Procedure

Hijama (cupping) is a very simple and straight forward process which involves very minimum pain. Antiseptic is applied on the area of cupping. Thereafter cups are placed on various acu points, Sunnah points and reflex zones. A vacuum is created in the valve of the cups using a special hand suction pump, the cup is placed on the skin and air is sucked out, these cups stay on for a few minute’s and after being removed small incisions are made onto the surface of the skin, these incisions are very light and superficial (comparable to a finger prick blood test) although subjective pain is very minimal, the procedure does not require any local or general anaesthetic, once done the cups are reapplied with suction and this suction encourages the blood to mobilize and flow, the cups are left on for between 5-10 minutes, small quantity of blood begin to collect into the cups. Depending on the blood flow, after a few minutes the cups are removed, the area is wiped clean and anti septic is applied. once the cups have been removed the blood stops seeping through the cuts immediately and you will be walking away feeling very fresh and light and in most cases relieved from the pains prior to having the Hijama treatment. Hijama is known for immediate relief!!!!

Hijama/Cupping After care

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